Transpec Marketing Photo Shoot

11 Dec 2020

I was asked by a Swedish company to take some marketing photos at a company in KZN called Transpec that manufactures heavy duty trailers. It was for a new design of tipper trailer that was designed in Sweden and manufactured here, it was very impressive. The brief was to capture every stage of the design…

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CEO Magazine November Shoot

20 Nov 2020

Every few months nowdays I get commissioned to take photos of a CEO in the KZN area by a magazine called CEO Magazine. This time it was for Bakers Transport in Cato Ridge. The entire shoot was no longer than 40 minutes, because CEO’s are busy people and you can often only get them for…

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Daleen Roodt – Photo Shoot

24 Jul 2020

Here is the photo shoot I did for Daleen Roodt for her website. She has a wonderful designated area in her house for her art with her easel, paints, bookshelves and other work surfaces. I took the main shot through the divider that separates her area from the rest of the lounge.

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The Gregory – Photo Shoot

09 Jun 2020

I got a call from the new owner of 23 Tracy Watts Road, which is a familiar building to those who live in the upper highway area. It’s towards the bottom of Fields Hill on the left. The building has a colourful history that dates back to the 1930’s, but the new owner isn’t too…

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Crestwood Estate – Photo Shoot

07 Jun 2020

We spent the night up at Crestwood Estate to do photos for the new website. It’s situated on the Curry’s Post road in the heart of the KZN Midlands. The front gate opens up to a beautiful tree lined driveway that leads to the main house, once we walked to other other side of the…

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Highway College – Photo Shoot

28 May 2020

I don’t often do school photos, but last year I did the school portraits for Highway College in Pinetown. It was two days of begging reluctant kids to smile for the camera followed by another day of doing the marketing photos. The kids at Highway College are extremely well behaved, I’ve never been called ‘sir’…

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Alcatraz Storage – Photo Shoot

10 May 2020

I did the Alcatraz Storage photo shoot the day after level 5 lockdown was lifted, it felt strange to be out and about again. To make sure it counted I took my drone and did lots of photos because I didn’t know when I was going to get out again!

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Thorner Estate – Photo Shoot

30 Mar 2020

I spent a few days up at Thorner Estate near Camperdown doing photos of all their accommodation. The pics are up on their new website which I built too. They have space for thirty eight guests across four houses and two cottages. It really is so peaceful and tranquil up there that I didn’t really…

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CEO Magazine – Photo Shoot

13 Feb 2020

I was contacted by a company that produces a magazine that profiles leaders around the world, one of the previous ones being the Australian actor and businessman Hugh Jackman. This time they wanted photos of the CEO of the Durban ICC Lindiwe Rakharebe, so the appointment was made and off I went and did about…

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