Earlier this month I spent 3 days down at the Wild Coast Sun shooting the annual Pam Golding conference. I arrived on my birthday with my camera in hand and didn’t really stop shooting until I left, it was full of fun and the delegates all seemed to have an incredible few days. There was a lot of food, entertainment, games, team building and dancing. On the second day there were speakers which made it even more worthwhile, because I was originally hesitant to be away from the office for so long considering the amount of editing I have to do.

From what I gathered and overheard, it’s only the top agents from around the world who achieve Gold Club status and are subsequently invited to the conference. There was an environmental awareness theme which dominated the printed material, stationary¬†and speakers. Pam Golding herself decided at the last minute that she would fly up from Cape Town and attend the closing gala event, she arrived to a standing ovation which was a memorable moment. Here are some of the more creative photos that I took, enjoy!